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became so tired that It suddenly stopped and
turned around and lowered Its head right In front
of PItanlna's horse., which had been galloping
directly upon Its heels. The horse veered wildly
to the left and just missed running into the
buffalo. This frightened the buffalo so badly
that It turned suddenly to resume Its way? when it
bumped into the other two buffaloes and in some
way tripped them—and all three of them fell
sprawling to the ground. This all happened
within a second, and PItanlna's son, riding directly
behind him, went crashing right into the pile of
rolling buffalo.

It was a tense moment: three buffaloes, a horse5
and a boy—all lying on the ground rolling
frantically In one big pile of wool. Shakes-the-
Other-Fellow became so excited as he lay there
scrambling amongst the buffaloes that he shoved
his hands deep Into the wool of one of their backs
and took a mighty hold on it. In an instant the
buffalo was on its feet again and racing away
wildly with the boy sitting upon its back with his
hand sunk into its wool. Some of the warriors
saw this and they galloped away madly trying to
catch the frightened bison. It travelled nearly a
half-mile before they could get close enough to it
to risk putting a bullet into its head.

They shot It four times before It hit the ground
with a terrific bang and sent young Shakes-the-